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Nov 14, 2009

How to use Winterboard

Winterboard is a very interesting application that most users may like. It allows you to change the complete appearance of your blog.

First Step: installing

To install Winterboard simply go to cydia or rock and search for it. You'll get tons of results, buts there's a quick way to get over them. Tap the "w" in the side bar. Then look for a package called Winterboard. If it says anything more (I'm not talking about the description) don't install it. The package should look like the image on the right. After installing you'll be asked to reboot your iPhone/iPod touch. when it is done you'll find a new icon.

Second Step: downloading themes

Themes are packages that you can install from cydia, rock or icy. They usually are in the themes section (obvius) but not all of them are there so if you're looking for something especial try the general search. As you are not promted to respring or reboot your device after installing a theme, I recomend you to install as much themes as you can so you don't have to wait till cydia opens and updates everytime.

Third Step: applying themes

Just open winterboard and tap them. As you can enable multiple themes at a time you have to remember that the one in the top is more important to winterboard that the ones below it and so on. So if you want a set of icons with the background of another theme that also comes with icons you should tap and hold the icon set and move it to the top. That way winterboard will load the icon set and after that the rest of the things from the other theme. When you're finished close the aplication and wait while your device does a respring.

If you have any question ask in the comments
Coming: How to make your own iphone theme

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