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Nov 14, 2009

How to use Winterboard

Winterboard is a very interesting application that most users may like. It allows you to change the complete appearance of your blog.

First Step: installing

To install Winterboard simply go to cydia or rock and search for it. You'll get tons of results, buts there's a quick way to get over them. Tap the "w" in the side bar. Then look for a package called Winterboard. If it says anything more (I'm not talking about the description) don't install it. The package should look like the image on the right. After installing you'll be asked to reboot your iPhone/iPod touch. when it is done you'll find a new icon.

Second Step: downloading themes

Themes are packages that you can install from cydia, rock or icy. They usually are in the themes section (obvius) but not all of them are there so if you're looking for something especial try the general search. As you are not promted to respring or reboot your device after installing a theme, I recomend you to install as much themes as you can so you don't have to wait till cydia opens and updates everytime.

Third Step: applying themes

Just open winterboard and tap them. As you can enable multiple themes at a time you have to remember that the one in the top is more important to winterboard that the ones below it and so on. So if you want a set of icons with the background of another theme that also comes with icons you should tap and hold the icon set and move it to the top. That way winterboard will load the icon set and after that the rest of the things from the other theme. When you're finished close the aplication and wait while your device does a respring.

If you have any question ask in the comments
Coming: How to make your own iphone theme

Oct 30, 2009

Starting with cydia

Cydia is a very powerfull program of your iphone. You wouldn't be able
to install hacked programs as easy as you can do. Althought it is
powerfull it is an exhaustive program for your device.

Learning to use cydia is very easy, the hard part is how to make it
work as it should.


When you first open cydia it will show you the message: "organizing, will close when done". Wait till cydia closes or the iphone kind of reboots (resprings). Then open cydia again, the first thing you will see is cydia asking what kind of user are you. If you don't know so much about this kinds of things choose user, the only thing it would do is hide some packages to prevent you. You can always change that on the manage tab. It will start downloading updates and the package information and it will ask you if you want to upgrade. Tap complete upgrade. Wait till it is finished and press "respring" or "reboot" whatever it tells you. When its done open cydia again, this time you can use it. Some might have trouble updating because of the internet conection or because they are under wifi. Please be patient, cydia might not download what you want the first couple of times, but if you keep trying it works.


Cydia is a program made for installing packages using a graphic interface rather than using terminal. Its a very useful program because appart from installing the package you want, it installs its dependencies so they work perfectly. It is basically divided in 5 tabs.

-The first one is the cydia main page. It will give you acces to the latest cydia news, the cydia store products and the most popular packages. It also has information about updating and rejailbreaking.

-The second is the secctions page. All the things in cydia are divided in different secctions that you can quickly access. Some sources have their own section, but its not the usual. Most popular sections are ringtone and themes section where you can get wallpapers for the main screen, lock themes, UI sounds (lock, unlock, new mail, sms alert, etc....), app icons or even cooler things (is there anything you can't change in the iphone?). Maybe you'll want to check on app Addons, there is some interesting stuff there.

-The third page is called changes. Here is where all pending updates appear and also new packages cydia has found.

-The fourth is manage, where you can see uninstall and reinstall all the packages that you have. You can also see the sources cydia has for downloading packages and add your custom ones. You can also get information about your iphone's HDD likie how much memory cydia uses and how much you have free.

-The last one is just a search. Its necesary to coment that you'd better type in quickly all you want because if you stop for a second or so it starts searching and the keybord gets really lagged.


It is not so complicated, but there are some important procedures to follow trhu.

1.Make sure that that package is going to work with your current firmware version. Obviously this doesn't apply for themes, it's more for mobile substrate add-ons (for those who don't know what mobile substrate add-ons are, they are just applications that run with the iphone system and therefore they are always on, like SBSettings or Winterboard)

2.It is going to download faster if you use a mobile connection, rather than wifi. If it gets stuck downloading, try again and again because each time it will resume the download where you left it.

3.Never ever close cydia, reboot or respring your iphone while you are in the black screen of the installation. It will probably cause cydia to stop working.

4.Always reboot or respring if you are asked to

Oct 18, 2009

Jailbreak 3.1.2

Welcome to My hacked iPhone blog. I have decided that I should start with something that everyone reading this blog should know, and that is how to jailbreak your iPhone/iPod touch. Right now we are in the version 3.1.2 and it is completely jailbreakable.


-Only do this if you don't have to unlock it from it's deafault career. If you think you'll want to unlock it later follow this link (not aviable yet).YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO USE ULTRASN0W

-Ipod Touch 3G 16Gb and 32Gb users will have to use their iPod in tehered mode, wich means that you'll have to jailbreak it each time you turn it on. I seriously recomend waiting for a better jailbreak.

-Make sure you have updated to 3.1.2 version. Doesn't work with 3.1 users


-If you can, avoid restoring your backup till the jailbreak is done.
-(for those having trouble with blackra1n stuck on running) If you are on a Windows machine close itunes and all the proceses such as:
   MDNSResponder (for disabling Bonjour)

  (to close them just press ctrl+alt+delete and open the task manager, go to the processes tab and terminate each of these proceses)

-You can also try copying blacra1n.exe to the main folder of your hard drive and run it as an admin. (If you are in Windows 7, run it in Windows XP SP3 compatible mode too)

-If you have problems with blackra1n getting stuck at "running" and none of this things works try saving a backup of your iphone, restoring with itunes and inmediatly after you activate your iphone run blackra1n and then, when you are done with the jailbreak, restore your backup.


-Go to www.blackra1n.com and click on the apple for mac users and the windows icon for windows.

-Update your iPhone/iPod touch to the 3.1.2 firmware version via iTunes

-Plug in your iPhone completely turned on

-Open the Blackra1n program and press "make it ra1n". Your iPhone will automaticly enter recovery mode and then the blackra1n image will appear in the screen. After some seconds it will reboot.

-When it has completely rebooted search beteween your icons and you'll find the blackra1n icon

-It will ask you wich Apps you want to install. Install Cydia, if you want, you can also install Rock, that has some useful apps, but under any circumstances install Icy, it will make cydia stop working and you will have to restore and jailbreak again.

-It may take a little while and may fail a couple of times if you are under wifi (sorry iPod touch users)

-After this you're done. ENJOY YOUR JAILBROKEN DEVICE

I have tried this myself with both windows and mac with an iPod touch 1G, iPod touch 2G  and an iphone 3G. I had no trouble with the first two but I had to restore my iphone because it always got stuck at running no matter what I did. If this is happening to you and you don't know how to get out of recovery mode just reboot your iphone by pressing both home and power buttons for 10 seconds. If you wanna know what I did go to the begining of this page, to the recomendations section.